The spring and summer a little closer thanks to the new lookbook of Cath Kidston


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What we desire most of us that winter is over and spring begins to appear once. Not long, winter will elapse and we’;re getting near the flowers, the sun and the good weather we both crave.

The next spring / summer color stain everything and Cath Kidston wants us making the idea through their new lookbook . The new prints include new colors and textures to reinvent everyday items, all in their catalog has a very original style and with that british touch .

Dress up your mobile floral print

414968 1   One of the things we can change each season is the universal mobile . Normally after a while we use is old and comes well renew and every season there are new trends, the floral print is one of the spring.

Do not miss the elegance and sleeping while traveling

417174 2   Spring and summer are especially good for travel times, actually for that any day of the year is good, but in the warm seasons tend to like more for good weather. So bad we did not come this set of books and mask cushion to sleep anywhere.

The sin of caste must also go to fashion

421034 1   Also the children’;s clothing is renewed and style changes with the change of season, we will see this spring dresses with prints and patterns for girls and original safari type shirts for the little house.

421447 1

Not only is the clothing also accessories. And one of the most used during the warm seasons are sunglasses for both adults and small on clear days are very necessary. You can see in the picture below these lines are really cute.

421188 1

The washi tape spring that we do not lack

422611 1

The source tape called Japanese washi tape has become an essential part of our lives decorative standard and personal accessories. It can be used to decorate almost everything, furniture, cutlery, books … and a myriad of objects of all kinds, so it should be done with a few rolls with the colors and patterns of summer and spring.

Preparing everything for a picnic as there is occasion

423984 2

And another thing we usually do when the warmer weather is eating out at the beach or the countryside and for that we need a set of full picnic , with her ​​basket, dishes, its cups and cutlery and we can complete with other parts coffee cup as we can see in these lines and I’;ve fallen directly.

424059 1

Suitcase and stylish handbag for summer getaways

429573 1

Between dots and floral print will walk the game when the heat comes as Cath Kidston, you need only to look at the pictures of his collection to notice. Enough of black handbags and brown, it’;s time to start thinking about other more cheerful and colorful models and so is such a boring bag that we use for our trips a few days, time to think about changing to another cheerful.

424745 2

This spring and summer as we be using it sooner than now seems, actually a couple of months pass quickly and in March and officially go into spring . So you can go looking around not only the selection of items that I have, but all that comes to the new season, to go and select your favorite.

The spring and summer a little closer thanks to the new lookbook of Cath Kidston


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