5 details that can destroy your New Year’s party and you can avoid

The New Year Festival,  is the day of the year we expect so eager to forget the bad and remember the good things a year old, but there are certain things you should keep in mind not to destroy your party new year.

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1. Zero fire

Okay you want to celebrate your year with fireworks or smoking in house or perhaps have you like a cabal in which use fire as a means to carry it out … peroooooooo, think before you do this kind of thing at night new year.

You must be very cautious and be extremely responsible, because you can cause some kind of disaster , like a fire or burn someone or yourself.

2. Watch what you drink

Be responsible! you know that for the new year party we were excited and took lots of drinks too many, but 10 shots as care!. It measures the amount of alcohol you are taking, and you can do shameful scenes that night before, your friends, family or couples getaway.

So, for no regrets and would not start the year wrong, note well what you make and how you serve.

3. Avoid fights

Do not fight! So, believe me you do not want to start the new year causing fights or being in the middle of one. I spent something like last year and believe me that this year I was not quite right.

What you should avoid is causing fights with your partner or fighting with your family or friends because of this or fight with people because of alcohol. Whatever the reason is, do not you fight it or fall into anybody’;s game. If you know that someone can cause fight, you better not include in your New Year’;s Eve.

April. Your dress

Your party attire for the reception of the new year should be cute, but comfortable. Something which you should not be thinking if you see something more or not and the best moment. Also, do not forget to wear and include something in your look or dress to be of a particular color , if you want to call love, luck, happiness, health, money, etc.. for next year.

May. Your safety first

First of all, your safety comes first. You must be aware of how you will spend your New Year’;s party. If you go alone, you should not take too much or receive things from people you do not know, do not trust anyone , not all have good intentions; watch your belongings and do not drive if you are with a few drinks over call someone for you collect or take a safe taxi.

And finally, you should know that the place you go, whether local or nightclub, have emergency exits is a completely appropriate and safe environment in any situation.

5 details that can destroy your New Year’s party and you can avoid


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