Cute invitations for your baby shower

Is it about your baby shower and do not know where to start?   Yeah, we know that preparations are all chaos and can fill a lot of stress trying to assemble everything, since everything must be done in advance, also know what style and what kind of decor you’;ll use.

This party can be for you one of the most important events, either one of the first memories you will before the arrival of your baby . But one of the first things you should do to start preparations are invitations, as they should be sent well before the first party.

That’;s why this time we show some models invitationsfor your baby shower.

Invitation with brown background, with jungle theme.Viewable on the lower pasture and several animals in bold colors. Across the board you can see the details of your baby and where you will hold the party celebrating his early arrival.

8e7fc  invitacion1

Invitation in pink. With the drawing of a stork carrying a baby with. In addition, sentences have the arrival of your baby. You can place it in an envelope and deliver it as is or so.

8a8d2  invitacion2

Invitation design for baby boy baby . The background is light blue with small circles and a horizontal strip of blue and green. In addition, data from the baby and party venue is written in a shield-shaped pattern with green and brown edges. In one corner of the shield is a lion’;s face, in another corner, a zebra’;s face and another cloud with a bow with writing “baby shower”.

8a8d2  invitacion3

Cute invitation design for baby little woman . The portion of the card has the pink background where you can see the head of a stork holding a baby in a blanket in its beak, on the part of the sheet you can add a photo, in this case the ultrasound of your baby. There are applications where you can find this kind of virtual invitations. On the other hand, in the bottom go baby data and data from local or home where the party is. The envelope is also pink.

8a2c1  invitacion4

Another invitation for baby is this little woman, you see that it has the form of an integral , where all the data from up to date or place you want to place the data, and on the other hand, looks more like a bib shaped card with the name of the baby.

8a2c1  invitacion5

For baby boy baby, this invitation is colored blue and light blue patterned animals at the bottom and flowers. The data are on top with dotted lines so that you can fill out by hand depending on the data you want to put. You can place them in an envelope of light blue to complete the invitation and is ready to deliver.

29c66  invitacion6

Invitation for baby boy baby, have dark gray background with drawings of bottles on the left which gives a very nice contrast , as the colors used highlight the background. In the top right go party data.

29c66  invitacion7

Beautiful invitation for baby little woman in lilac tones .You can see where data are baby shower, also the drawings of an owl owl mom and daughter.

e3b6d  invitacion8

I hope these thoughts have helped to inspire you in your baby shower invitations.

Cute invitations for your baby shower


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