Decorate your little party with characters from Despicable Me!

Does your little one’;s birthday is coming and you do not know what decoration use? Do not worry! You can organize the party character with the characters of the children’;s film that’;s hot My favorite villain!

Decorated location:

Usually when you are planning a children’;s party think a character associated with the children and one that is related to girls, according to your case, but the characters in the movie “Despicable Me” can be used for any type of party . Besides playing with a couple of colors that are perfect for decoration child is a girl.

When I write a post about party organization always mention that the first thing you must do is determine which is your decor or theme, for this you must have previously defined the place where they held the party. In this way, we will think how to distribute all objects that will help us build a place for parties.

What makes a particular space becomes the perfect place for a party? Many things such as balloons, tablecloths, serpentine, cotill. Everything has to be in perfect harmony with the theme, I leave some ideas.

98295  mi villano favorito 1

98295  mi villano favorito 3
35550  mi villano favorito 5

Catering of “Despicable Me”:

In previous post I talked about party catering, catering is all that implies the decor, from the buffet to the main table. If you get a harmony, everything must be perfectly planned.For example, in the case of children’;s party would not be appropriate to serve a Creole buffet, as it must take into account the time in which to perform and also the public.As the guests are children, if you serve food entrees, everything may end in disgrace. So I recommend a candy buffet or dessert but if you also want food you can use snacks or finger food that are so fashionable and adds cache.

You can even have 2 types of buffets, one for small and one for older people, as parents always expect to be served a plate of food and other beverages consider this!

762e7  mi villano favorito 20
b02ba  mi villano favorito 19
92b0c  mi villano favorito 18
92b0c  mi villano favorito 17
1f0a4  mi villano favorito 21

Finger food


Cakes for all tastes:

The cake certainly is the star of the buffet so you should have an ideal design. Common cakes and went out of fashion, bakeries are now able to do everything

So Active Woman, brings you the best models of cakes with the theme of “Despicable Me” and thus make your little (a). Keep the dream party also accomplish this you have the best photos you can hang on all your social ne2rks and help you to remember this day forever.

Whether boy or girl, this decor fits well with any decor, as I’;m characters are hot and likes everyone, and great guys.What is your favorite model?

11c7c  mi villano favorito 16
11c7c  mi villano favorito 15
f44a5  mi villano favorito 10
1dac9  mi villano favorito 4
656e0  mi villano favorito 2
656e0  mi villano favorito

I hope you have loved all these ideas and especially that take into account the party to arrange your son (s) deserve.I’;m sure everything will go well and that your guests are entertained Luck!

Decorate your little party with characters from Despicable Me!


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