The five best gadgets for your baby!

Times have changed, now technology makes your life in all areas, even in the care of your baby Do you want to know that newfangled gadgets on the market for you? Pay attention!

Blooming Bath Baby Bath

Bath time can produce a headache for mom , because a baby is not easy to handle, plus if you do not have the necessary equipment may even, you pass an accident or you end up with muscle problems. For example, the fact of not having a proper bath for your baby and use a regular hot adult can originarte severe back pain for the time you spend bent. Thinking this was invented Blooming bath baby bath which is an attachment in the form of a flower that fits your kitchen to the laundry room and is perfect to bathe your baby

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Bathe your baby without problems


If you consider yourself a crazy mom social ne2rks This is perfect for you! Kickbee is an elastic band with sensors that detect the movements of your baby and immediatelyyou post on Twitter , or send them messages to your loved ones Excellent idea to your baby become familiar with social ne2rking !

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For moms that social ne2rks like you!

Why Cry Analyzer:

A first-time mom is much anxiety to hear the cries of herbaby and not knowing what by that means this new gadget that is clinically proven , helps you decipher your baby, so you’;ll know if you’;re hungry, while sleeping or if What do you think boring, you dare to try?

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Discover what your baby wants!

iAlert true fit convertible car seat

To movilizarte use your car and therefore your baby to spend several hours a week in the car and as I always worry about the safety of your child, so obviously has a special seat but sometimes even that is not enough. So they have created a seat that sends alerts directly to your smartphone to alert you if your baby is comfortable, if the belt is unfastened . Just download this app and get all the necessary information.

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Ensures your baby in the car with this application

Car-ready Bottle and Baby Food Warmer

All know that a baby always eats their hours whether you’;re at home or not. So every time you go out you have to carry everything you need to feed, however it can be a headache not having to heat the bottle where your little one if you do not have a microwave nearby. So they have created a bottle warmer car, which helps you find the ideal temperature should have milk for your baby, plus it is a very easy to use and is compatible with most forms of bottles. Definitely you save a lot of trouble and your baby will be the most happy.

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This gadget will help you to heat your baby’;s bottle

Most of these products are for sale in the United States so I suggest buying online shops. Similarly if you can not find them ask someone who lives there to send it. I recommend you go to the links found at the bottom Luck!

The five best gadgets for your baby!


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