Everything you need to know about migraines

Anyone can suffer from migraines , sometimes may appear from time to time, be more frequent episodes or just having 1 or 2 times in a single year. We must not confuse or quickly interpret a headache as a migraine, if not always a headache means to suffer from migraines.

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To find and differentiate a migraine headache, mention some of the most common symptoms: severe pain in the side of the head, forehead, temples (as if you had hit something very hard or throbbing pain ), impaired light,visual disturbances (see flashing lights, zigzag lines, etc..), difficulty speaking and other times, you may feel fatigue, malaise, anxiety, confusion or trembling in the face and / or hands.

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Migraines can be generated due to certain factors or triggers, such as stress, dehydration and hunger . Also, usually related to migraines with a theme hereditary.

On the other hand, women who suffer migraines more annoying than men. During the menstrual period women may experience this problem.

Another cause is the consumption or intolerance to certain foods , like chocolate, milk, cheese, wine, etc.. If you have a migraine because of the consumption of a particular food and identify the episode, you can reduce or eliminate migraine attacks.

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Migraines can be prevented if you know what their origin, on the other hand, can reduce their appearance if you do certain things, such as:

As mentioned, one of the causes of migraines isdehydration , so, take plenty of water. If you do not drink enough fluids, the body absorbs fluid from the blood and other body tissues. The blood vessels constrict to conserve body fluids and this can cause a headache or headache.

Drink water to avoid dehydration, especially when drinking alcohol or exercising.

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If you suffer from migraines, what is recommended is to eat at regular intervals, since a low level of sugar in the blood due to a poor diet is a known trigger, especially combined with stress or fatigue.

Eating snacks, fast foods, follow strict diets to lose but just not eating or they can contribute to a crisis.

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Eating foods that contain magnesium help relieve migraines. Magnesium deficiency can be caused by a restricted intake, stress, smoking, drinking alcohol or genetic problems, and cause the blood vessels in the brain to constrict, causing migraine.

Legumes, grains and vegetables are rich in magnesium, while processed foods are low in it. Increase your daily intake by eating cereals and wheat bran and substituting brown rice for white. All seeds and nuts are good sources of magnesium. Vegetables rich in magnesium include spinach and broccoli.

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Remember to visit your doctor or a nutritionist if you show any symptoms that are affecting or bothering.

Everything you need to know about migraines


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