Fibromyalgia: What is it and how to control it

The health issues are very important to many people always want to look and feel good, but there are many times of fear or ignorance we do not take enough time to evaluate what is happening to us or what our body really need.

Will we feel bad, but do not take her importance … Or is it that we are afraid to tell us that we have something “bad”? Whatever it is, the important thing here is to know and pay attention and prevent if we have something, we need to know ahead of time in order to combat or control any kind of disease we may have.

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The worst thing you can do is try to make us blind to the blind or discomfort we have, so we have to change this.

There are many diseases that we do not know how they originate, but many people suffer and must control the day to and live full, healthy and quality life is a case offibromyalgia , which we will play a little Today, what is, its symptoms and ways to control it.

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Fibromyalgia is considered a chronic disease. Its cause is unknown and is characterized by muscle pain, skeletalpain and fibrous tissue, which affect the quality of life of the affected person.

Additionally characterized by the painful sensation of pressure in specific points. It can be confused with joint pains, but Fibromyalgia is not a joint disease.

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Fibromyalgia can cause joint stiffness and burning sensation in hands and feet, tingling can be felt more than anything in his hands. It is linked to the poor quality of sleep , depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. Other people linked to a genetic predisposition.

This disease is difficult to diagnose, but often because of the symptoms that people can feel or express it much easier to diagnose, monitor and improve lifestyle . Thus these people to feel good and not let his or her everyday environment are affected.

Then you mention some tips that can help you control these symptoms.

You can opt for natural supplements, such as vitamin B, digestive enzymes and melatonin.

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If you want to reduce these symptoms that fibromyalgia brings, a good idea is a healthy change in your diet so that you’;re more relaxed or calm. What you must do is to avoid sugars bottled products, soft drinks, processed foods, yeast, sweeteners, sweets, dried fruits.

To give you a balanced nutrition, you should put a good choice in your meals, so you should start by eating foods like fruits, vegetables, water, chicken, turkey, fish, etc..

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Other methods may also work, such as physical therapy, facials and body massage, regular exercise, exercises to help you reduce muscle pain, increase circulation and movement in the body, an option may be swimming.

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Other options such as yoga, pilates, stress management methods, acupuncture, etc.. have been shown to help control and reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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Remember to always go to your checkups and tell your doctor what’;s bothering you, so that it can help you and give you the right directions. In addition, to complement and make this process easier to carry, you can seek help or counseling with a psychologist and / or nutritionist.

Relax and let go of stress, and watch your attitude and mindset change your mood and your day to day against this disease raring can control and not let it affect you or people that are around you.

Fibromyalgia: What is it and how to control it


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