Food: care during pregnancy

Every pregnant woman should take some care during pregnancy so that your baby and herself are healthy, especially when it comes to which foods to eat and what not.

On this occasion, I mention some of the things you should consider during your pregnancy and nutrition.

Demand more nutrients in pregnancy are proteins,vitamins and minerals , pregnant women should almost double your protein intake. Other essential nutrients include iron and folacin.

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No need to take more calcium during pregnancy, but you must meet the normal requirements (1000 mg. daily). In addition, a consumption of 1300 mg is required. of calcium daily, if pregnant adolescents.

It should be emphasized that we should take enough fat .2 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic and arachidonic, are vital to your baby’;s vision and brain development. In addition, you should consume more water and fiber.


PROTEIN : 280 grs. daily healthy proteins like white meat poultry, fish cooked, lean red meat, eggs and vegetables.

CALCIUM : Pregnancy consumption is very important because it helps prevent osteoporosis. Ingested an average of 3 daily servings of foods with calcium.

IRON: Vital to produce red blood cells in the mother and baby. Iron-rich foods are red meat, raisins, spinach, legumes, dried fruits and green vegetables. A vitamin that helps absorb iron from plant foods is vitamin C.

Folacin: It is vital during early pregnancy to prevent neural tube birth defects. To cereal products is added. This can be found in foods such as green vegetables, fresh, oranges, liver, legumes and poultry.

Breakfast and always try to include these foods in your meals.

LIQUIDS: You must take a minimum of 2 liters of water daily, this will provide fluids to produce blood and help digestion.

FIBER: To prevent constipation, increase consumption of foods rich in fiber, like whole grains and vegetables.


TOXOPLASMOSIS:  It is a protozoal infection that can cause problems for the baby, caused by Toxoplasma gondii. This can be contracted through the feces of infected cats, they have cysts (dormant stage) of T. gondii that can be transmitted by touching or sand cats, eating contaminated fruit or vegetables or meat from animals fed with contaminated food.

LISTERIOSIS: The bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, which causes this infection can cross the placenta and be fatal for the baby. To avoid infection, skip dairy productsare not pasteurized , especially soft cheeses such as camembert, cooked and then chilled, especially if they contain chicken, fish or shellfish and liver.

SALMONELLA: This type of poisoning caused by Salmonella bacteria, usually does not harm the baby, but pregnant can cause abortion or premature labor. Ideally not eat eggs and birds if they are not cooked.

It should be noted that the alcohol and smoking also affect your baby, so start taking your precautions if you plan to become pregnant or if you are not already.

Remember that you should visit and ask your doctor any questions or concerns and maintain the necessary care during your pregnancy.

Food: care during pregnancy


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