Junk food also has a positive side, Enjoy!

Food labeled as “bad”  can make us earn some extra kilos if we eat in large quantities or every day, but what if it has a positive side when consumed in moderation?

Today,  we care a lot about our health and our body needs to be healthy and balanced to reflect this inner being.

However, often consume certain foods that we hear or tell us who are not so good for health, but still we love. Get the benefits of these foods.

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So then we’;ll tell you which foods are talking about and what is the positive side of each.

Red meat

Red meats are high in fat and cholesterol, however, are high in protein  and contain all the essential amino acids.

Furthermore, also containing  iron, potassium , zinc and vitamin B.

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Olive oil

When we hear the word “oil” you may think fat or calories.It is true that excess fat is harmful to  our body , but in certain quantities is essential for good functioning.

If you use it sparingly, forget the oil is high in vitamin E and helps regulate bowel, on the other hand,  helps to maintain cholesterol levels  bad (LDL) within limits, increasing the levels of good cholesterol ( HDL).

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This substance has antioxidants that fight free radicals, also stimulate attention, memory, learning and concentration. There is also talk that coffee helps with depression.

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We all know that too much alcohol is harmful to health.Alcohol also has a high caloric value, damages our liver. However, red wine  contains antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids that help prevent heart disease and degenerative diseases. So a glass from time to time do not fall ill.

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It is true that excess carbohydrates makes us get fat because they become fat, but nevertheless, these are the most important source of energy in our body, a healthy diet and are responsible for forming energy Reservation of muscle tissues.

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A feature of the yellow cheese is having a high sodium and fat, which are not very well regarded in terms of issues of healthy eating, but the truth is that they are also an important source of calcium and protein, nutrients who are very important for the  formation of bone and muscle tissue.

What you can do to avoid gaining weight and not ignore the benefits of cheese, is to choose  white cheese  instead of yellow.

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Many said that the eggs were a unhealthy foods because they are high in cholesterol, but today is moving away that idea, since eggs are a nutritious food that has vitamins B, A, E and D , folic acid, calcium, hieroo, proteins, zinc and phosphorus.

Although cholesterol, eating eggs does not increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease, as they contain almost no saturated fat.

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Junk food also has a positive side, Enjoy!


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