Mens Sportswear: Style and comfort

Sport is a good habit of life, however should be done with the tools necessary to achieve greater effectiveness Want to know what kind of clothes can be used, for example, your boyfriend? Then pay attention to the post!

For winter:

A true sportsman does not stop making sport iniverno, despite the inclement weather, you should take steps to protect themselves but must continue with the routine. If it is raining it is recommended that we use some kind of waterproof protection but also allow sweat evacuate. Also in the market there are jackets that can obtain from natiral or synthetic fiber, that gives you freedom of movement and comfort. There are other models that consist of fleece or tracksuit, which could be very useful.

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Playing sports in summer:

In summer, you also have to take, also measures to protect from the sun . For example, it is important to use caps or visors to avoid the sun, it is also good to use sunglasses. If you feel that you fall, there are special models for joggers that consist of an elastic to prevent movement in the fall.

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Moreover, although the garments are light to avoid the heat, it is advisable to use sunscreen. Also, many people think that because you sweat more, adelgazas very fast and under this premise, many more clothes are made ​​despite the heat and this one thing that is going to lead you from getting dehydrated. So I recommend using suitable clothes and especially well hydrated. Also if you do sports you should use the right kind of shoes, there are shoes for running, walking, etc.. If you use any kind of shoes, you can injure your muscles.

The North Face:

If we talk about extreme sports, one of the leading brands is North Face globally recognized for their quality. North Face has also undergone a loyal following amongst avid outdoor athletes and sponsoring expeditions to some of the most remote and rarely visited corners of the planet.

As we know, this brand came to Peru in 2007 and now has stores in the Jockey Plaza Camino Real and 2 shops in the department of Cusco. This time this prestigious brand has opened a new store in Larcomar in Miraflores.

The North Face cuaneta with an interest bordering on 30% in the segment of apparel, footwear and accessories for outdoor sports. Store the week, with the presence of opened Richard Hidalgo , national mountaineer, who shared with the audience his experience in his latest attempt to climb Mount Everest.

Jaime Valdez, The North Face Brand Manager in Peru commented:

“We are in a process of expansion in Lima and provinces we seeking to satisfy the growing market for sports and outdoor activities. More and more people active in contact with nature and our amazing country has no alternative. ”

The North Face is a well-known for its mountain products and brand for extreme climates, which have long been the most widely accepted. However, they are currently having very good response on the part of consumers, more conventional sports-oriented products such as running and yoga . Coming brand launched line called Mountain Athletics training.

These are some of the products offered by the brand:

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b7348  north face 81



Active Woman was in the launch and we want to share with you some photos of the store located in Larcomar in Miraflores:

65ec4  north face 16
65ec4  north face 17
17816  north face 18
17816  north face 19



Mens Sportswear: Style and comfort


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