The choice of the metal bed

When choosing our bed we have to take into account the wide range of metal beds that can be found on the market.We should not limit ourselves exclusively to wooden beds, further today have less and less wood. Manufacturers of metal beds offer a wide range of products, where to find the most appropriate for eachother and without sacrificing our personal tastes.

3171e  camas de metal 1

Beds made in metal have existed since ancient Egypt, the Romans also 10ían in high esteem. In these ancient civilizations metal beds were true luxury items. They were constructed with precious metals such as gold and other metals that resulted in those distant times expensive.

b1ac9  camas de metal 2

In the nineteenth century, with industrialization, mass production of metal beds made back its price much more accessible. At present the supply of beds built with metals which provides industry is extensive. We can choose different designs and styles and a considerable amount of prices. From an economic and functional models to high-quality beds, elaborate design and durability guaranteed.

f1055  camas de metal 3

If we need a bunk room for the kids or guests if you do not have much space, built in metal are lightweight and very strong. In any case the advantage of metal beds with regard to wood is the volume of their materials, to the same space occupied wooden beds are bulkier by the characteristics of the material they are made. The beds are made with metal lighter appearance as the metal is very durable and much less material with the same load capacity is achieved.

f1055  camas de metal 4

The choice of the metal bed

The choice of the metal bed


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