Truths and Myths about Breast Cancer

Fear and misinformation is abundant on this disease that strikes mostly women.   Several myths about breast cancer and its treatments , mainly due to poor communication and dissemination of the subject. Under the World Day Against Breast Cancer we bring you information that can be extremely helpful for you and your loved ones.

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A harsh reality

Did you know that more than 400,000 women die every year worldwide due to breast cancer? Translating this reality to our capital, 4 women die each day from the disease, largely due to late detection. When detected at an advanced stage there is little hope of life, says Liana Falcon, Chief of the Comprehensive Breast Diagnostic (UDIM) of the International Clinic .

Most of these cases are due to a lack of appropriate checks, or controls screenings . In addition, fear of mammography is a factor to consider. Several questions arise about this tool: Is it painful? Does radiation cause cancer?

However, mammography is the most useful and reliable tool when it comes to the early detection and diagnosis.This provides very detailed images of the breast and surrounding tissue X-ray, which can detect very small cancerous lesions , even up to 2 years before it is palpable or present symptoms.

What should I do?

Importantly, the early detection of breast cancer can be the difference between life and death , and that 95% of women could be saved if caught early. It is highly recommended that women between 40 and 69 screening mammograms are performed each year, even when there are no symptoms of disease, as indicated by Liana Falcon.

Meanwhile, the head of UDIM reported that in some cases the cancer occurs due to inherited genetic mutations, so it is advisable to minors between 20 and 39 years that a monthly self-examination: palpate the breasts to detect any lumps . If this occurs, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

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Timely diagnosis

To continue with a good life expectancy, it is important to detect breast cancer in its early stages . This way you can start proper treatment. The International Clinic has the first piece of comprehensive diagnostic Mama (UDIM) to ensure earlier diagnosis, quicker and more accurate.

This circuit has the most modern medical equipment in Peru and Latin America , plus all the diagnostic modalities in one place, which by the American FDA are approved.


It is normal to have questions, concerns or some fear about breast cancer and screening methods. Here we bring you some questions and answers to clear any fears.

Is it painful?

In some women, mammography is painful, but overall it’;s an uncomfortable feeling that lasts a few seconds, because during this must be compressed a little mom to get a good picture of the tissues.

Is the radiation emitted by mammography causes cancer?

No. Modern computers emit minimal radiation is not harmful.

What women are afraid that a positive result mean?

The fears are overcome and it is important to be strong in these situations. Remember that breast cancer can not be prevented with medications or treatments, so early detection is important to effectively combat it.

If the cancer is removed by surgery or biopsy, is spreading to other parts of the body?

Not necessarily. During surgeries special methods are used and all precautions are taken to prevent cancer cells from spreading to healthy tissue.

Are the bruises on breast cause breast cancer?

No, the bumps have no direct involvement with breast cancer.

Are deodorants cause cancer?

No, no international studies indicate no increased risk of breast cancer in women who used underarm antiperspirants or shave.

Do women with implants are more likely to get this cancer?

No. This type of cancer does not have a direct relationship with the breast implants. The silicone does not increase the risk of breast cancer. 90% of cases are due to factors like having first menstruation at an early age, advanced age at first birth, use of hormones like estrogen and progesterone and consumption of liquor.

If I breastfeed I no longer have breast cancer?

Dar-feeding reduces the risk of breast cancer, but do not rule out completely as there are other causes such as genetic.

Are there herbs that cure cancer?

So far there are no medical studies have shown that some grass cure cancer. Patients taking herbs like cat’;s claw, noni or other please tell your doctor, as some herbs can cause damage to the body when combined with treatments for cancer or may interfere with the operation of medicines.

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Remember that the best way to fight breast cancer isprevention and early diagnosis . Share this useful information and help save more lives.

Truths and Myths about Breast Cancer


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