Energy foods, the best examples for your diet!

We got up and felt all week that has passed is upon us. We have to face a new day now so we need something to give us vitality .

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Certain foods will help you have energy quickly


There are certain foods that will succeed immediately.There are others who will help us during the day. Learn what to include in your daily diet and what you can use in times of “emergency” .

Let’;s start with those with whom a few minutes you will feel another. We also help if they are about to make anextraordinary physical effort as running a marathon or-me-has passed, make your move.

1. Black chocolate

Eye! Usually the chocolate they sell is a mixture of fat and cocoa, so look for one that says ”dark chocolate” , is a little more bitter and dark (usually also more expensive), but the benefits are greater. contains antioxidants and flavonoids also They are very good for your heart.

8aa14  alimentos energeticos2

Black to have more energy Chocolate


Just do not overdo it, and swallowed up 50 grams of chocolate a day , but I recommend you save this treat for specific times, you lose your grace if you eat it daily.

2. Rehydration drink

If a sales day to run and carry your sports drink, do this experiment. Before taking out a good amount of water.When you’;re running and you feel you can not go on, take a sip of your drink, you will realize that you raise in 2 seconds. The “magic” of these drinks is replenished immediately salts that can be missing, as well as sugar.

9eeea  alimentos energeticos3

Do not take sports drinks if you have heart problems.


Keep this in mind! ’;s not recommended for people with diabetes or heart problems.

3. Nuts

I’;ve learned to always have a handful of them in the portfolio: almonds, pecans, walnuts or pistachios . They can also be dried apricots or dried figs, although it is a bit more complicated load that are sweet and soft. You repondrás energy rapidly as they are rich in protein, vitamins and fats.

501a7  alimentos energeticos4

That’;s also better not overdo it because a few extra pounds can sumarte more.

April. Banana

This is definitely my favorite fruit, not only for its taste, but because it really gives me energy immediately. I discovered when I started to run and from that moment I do not run a marathon without taking a good juice banana pudding. Why banana or banana, and no fruit? Well, it’;sthe one that contains more sugar and it passes the blood more or less at the time of ingestion therefore have power soon.

501a7  alimentos energeticos5

Eye! With a banana daily you will feel full energy.

May. Cereal bars

And finally we have the cereal bars usually mix cereal with dried fruits . They often have honey or fruits like banana or coconut (which are high in sugar) and therefore automatically give you energy.

39811  alimentos energeticos6

Always look at the number of calories in your energy bar


However, I must leave very clear detail. none of these foods should replace your food normal because not cover the full requirements of the organism. You should eat them when you’;re in the midst of great physical effort and you can not stop or you can also consumiros between meals so you have a better physical performance.

39811  alimentos energeticos7

No energy food to replace your food.


At the beginning of the post you commented that there are foods that give you energy but in the long term. These should be those which are included in your regular meals:pastas, meats, eggs, whole grains, dairy and legumes(legumes). Ideally each of your meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) includes a protein (meat, dairy or eggs), carbohydrate (rice, oats, pasta, much better if integral) and a vegetable or fruit.

39811  alimentos energeticos8

Strike a balance on each of your meals so you always have power.


Be prepared to have a day full of energy , from now.

Energy foods, the best examples for your diet!


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