Lose weight with lemon, quick and easy!

I think the lemon is an almost magical fruit. Its benefits are countless  and even many say has the power to absorb the negative energy that may be in the environment. Have you ever tried it?

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The lemon will help you lose weight but 10 account advice


However, talking with some friends told me about how miraculous turned them to lose weight . And since summer is approaching I asked a little more information.Sometimes we feel a bit frustrated to go on a diet because we take time to see results, the lemon will help to get faster.

How do you lose weight with lemon?

What diet is lemon? You’;ll find many different versions, but all have in common that includes consumption of 5-7 lemons daily .

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Let’;s start with how much you want to lose weight and at what time . Unfortunately many people get excited when they start to lose weight fast. However, chances are that if it is, that equal weight fast diet recovers completed or not in giving the process correctly (may be losing muscle mass and not fat, in addition to not getting the nutrients your body needs).

So when you start any diet, worry about losing weight healthily . If you are losing more than one kilo a week, you can you’;re following a strict diet too.

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You must not lose more than one kilo per week.


The lemon is a source of vitamins (especially B and C) and minerals such as potassium. However, how is it so effective for weight loss? For substances containing increased bowel activity (if you have constipation problems shall be forgotten), making evacues much faster than you consume, as well as being an excellent diuretic, so it will help you to keep liquids (and have the feeling to be swollen).

The other secret is that lemon decreases appetite .During 4 hours of having used it, you will feel less hungry than usual.

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Lemon Diet

How can you do it?

Start by drinking a glass of mineral water fasting with 2 lemons squeezed into it. I do not have to tell you to remove the sugar. This special glass will help you detox.

bc7fc  dieta limon5

Retake cup mid-morning and mid-afternoon .

The idea is that you do for a week or more than 10 days .Now, what we’;re looking for is that you begin to eliminate fat quickly, however, be very difficult if your diet is full of them. For this week you avoid them completely. Give priority to vegetables, fruits and meats grilled or boiled.

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Why just one week? Like I said lemon will help to evacuate much faster avoiding you to absorb fats, however to speed up your digestion may also avoid you to absorb nutrients.And it is why diets can sometimes be dangerous but are made ​​with the advice of a doctor.

Basic tips to make lemon diet

I already pointed out how long it can take up this diet. For really good results do the following:

  • Exercise at least half an hour daily. No need to enroll in a gym, simply to do a brisk pace or do a bike ride.
  • Avoid fried foods and fats (butter or sausage)
  • Also avoid anything containing processed sugar (desserts, pastries, sweets and especially artificial packaged soft drinks). prefers fruits!
  • Do not skip meals and seeketh that all contain protein (meat or one egg) plus vegetables or fruits.Decreases the amount of carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, pasta) but not delete them from your diet.

Believe me, these tips will get results that will surprise you.Can you wait a month to retake the diet without having to

Lose weight with lemon, quick and easy!


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