Pilates for pregnant, the best exercise for that stage!

The pregnancy is fine for what it means and the illusion that it contains. However, it is also a stage that will probably have to battle against various annoyances .

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Your body will change much because another life is forming on it. Contrary to what many may believe (those who believe that it is best to rest), exercise can be a great help to counteract pain, stress, poor posture, etc..

Pilates, a great alternative if you are pregnant

Precisely because of this,  the pilates seems the perfect choice for a pregnant woman. If you’;re not familiar with it, is a discipline that seeks not only to improve physical fitness but mental . Therefore given much importance to breathing and energy center, which will explain later.

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Breathing is very important in the pilates.


I spoke with Fiorella Valencia who directs his own studio, just dedicated to Pilates method Pilates Studio Fiorella Valencia . She is certified in Pilates Point Rotterdam abroad and we commented on this stage of women:

“The pregnant woman significantly changes your body , especially in the following areas: pelvis, abdomen, breasts and buttocks. Also by the presence of certain hormones called progestins, joints women become more flexible, which is synonymous with weakness. This causes joint pain in the pubic symphysis and the sacroiliac joints, due to the gradual increase in pelvic diameter. “

Benefits of Pilates during pregnancy

It’;s very simple. Think of it this way. If the muscles in your back, abdomen and pelvis are strong and toned , you’;ll have a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery or say.Remember that it is very common to suffer from backaches and waist in just the last few months and pilates works on these areas.

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In general, the chances of having a cesarean and incontinence also decrease if you practiced pilates.

“What a woman gets pregnant with pilates is to maintain good muscle tone and prevent musculoskeletal problems . Corrects and counteracts postural deficiencies. Decreases lordosis (curvature of the spine), improves the discomfort caused by pressure on the pelvic floor when the belly gets a large volume.Further, helps blood circulation , preventing varicose veins and pain in legs and feet. “

Also will tone your legs and arms because it treated a very full year. How can you go imagining you’;ll help control your weight during the months of pregnancy, which can tend to overdo it.

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And what about stress so common in these months, especially if you work?

“Pilates requires monitoring of diaphragmatic breathing, so that the chest is opened laterally. This helps the mother to relax and “open” chest .Learning to manage this technique is vital at this stage to women. “

Another important benefit is that it will help you sleep well and generally learn to concentrate and relax more.Better know your body and therefore you will have more control over your movements. Need more reasons?

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What should you consider when practicing pilates in pregnancy?

If not practiced Pilates before, you should worry first byasking your doctor if there is no problem to do mild exercise (if you’;re having a normal pregnancy would not have to have). The other is to shop like Fiorella study, in which the instructor you personalized attention . This discipline can practice until the end of your pregnancy.

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Fiorella says:

“During the first 3 months of risk, avoid any type of exercise, including pilates. For those who are hypertensive will have to work with as many variations in the breathing technique and getting asked that hyperventilation can cause in some cases. But this usually does not take them by surprise, and that hypertensive people control their medical condition through treatment and medication. Then no longer be an obstacle to get started in Pilates methodology and enjoy its many benefits. “

One of the great benefits of practicing Pilates is that it is very adaptable. The exercises can be modified according to changing your body go and of course, online.

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In case you’;re not familiar with pilates, there are different styles: with machines or on the floor (with ball rings, rubber bands, etc..). All have in common however is not strenuous exercise (no jump or you agitarás) but very soft to look for specific positions that allow stretching, coordination and strength .

Pilates works a lot with the “center of power” or “powerhouse” (“power house” in English), an area from which energy flows, balance and equilibrium. It is around your belly button and if you are pregnant your center probably lose stability (definitely need it), so this discipline will help you control it. You’;ll find new ways to move that neither imagined.

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Note that many Pilates exercises are done on hands and knees , which is an ideal position for pregnancy. In taking this position quicken tension back and pelvis. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you also give your baby reaches the correct position for birth.

How often is advisable to practice pilates?

“ From 2 to 3 times a week is ideal, and work in each session of 20 or 30 min for beginners and after 45 min to 55 min to catch the rhythm or who have made ​​sport before pregnancy. “

How I can sum up everything I’;ve said? Pilates is a workout that during pregnancy you will have a body and a strong, flexible and balanced mind . That’;s why it’;s a great alternative.

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Another little thing, before I forget … Pilates is also very good to regain our figure after giving birth . So if you started with him in the months of waiting, do not leave then, but instead, go ahead and do it part of your life.

I leave you with a video of 10 minutes to give you a more accurate notion of what will be a pilates session .

If you’;re interested, Fiorella Valencia Pilates Studio has 2 locations in La Punta and San Isidro (Lima).Consultations and it starts now. If you’;re not pregnant is also a good exercise for all the details I have given you.


Pilates for pregnant, the best exercise for that stage!


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