Decorating Ideas for Hallways

Transit areas such as hallways or distributors in contemporary homes can be forgotten when granting an attractive aesthetic. Decorate these spaces also allows a return on their surface and create functional and practical environments.

In this case, the proposal is to integrate a long corridor ideal for organizing different elements that build up in any home, furniture piece as an optimal storage space . We have also incorporated other accessories that add character to the decor.

1217 Decorating Ideas for Hallways home design

The cabinet is chosen a design that copies the shape of the room, it is a comfortable rectangular, half-h7 This part consists of drawers add useful storage space is full on top with a wooden lid, which contrasts with the white finish of the piece and has been wearing a blanket and cushions , providing a convenient seat.

The hallway then filled with this multipurpose furniture that provides storage space, support surface that can be used as a reading corner for example, among other uses. A carpet plus other textiles, original lamp and plants on the sides of the small closet, complete an attractive atmosphere.
furniture to decorate hallways

Decorating Ideas for Hallways


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