Dining Rooms with Own Style

By 2 proposals will show you how to decorate dining rooms with different ideas, also bet on creativity without neglecting the comfort, creating spaces that adapt to the customs of every household today.

1210 Dining Rooms with Own Style home design

This is dining with style than through the finishes, furniture, decorative accessories, colors and coatings that make each interior, create different sets and inspiring.

21 Dining Rooms with Own Style home design

* On the one hand, a bright room welcomes a room in which they are protagonists of the scene, textures and a color scheme that highlights the neutral tones .

4 Dining Rooms with Own Style home design

It has managed to create a harmonious and balanced interior, where furniture classic lines such as the chairs upholstered in light fabrics soften its forms, while for the table we have chosen a modern design, glossy lacquered surface.
A delicate fabric blinds involve large windows, while 2 hanging lamps behave as a counterpoint to the clear finishes, and timely service while at the table lighting.

* The proposal is part of a series of furniture with designs very different from each other, which prints an eclectic touch to the decor . First, the table is a design classic furniture , is the Tulip pattern, with its round white figure is surrounded by seats that make up a dynamic ensemble with a sympathetic air.

Some chairs painted in a deep blue color and a sofa with 2 bodies dressed cushions embrace the Tulip table, while supplements added charm to this room. A pendant lamp with a design that adds transparency provides visual lightness, and a personal stamp printed accessories to this environment-paved flooring and walls of a fresh green. In sum, this dining palette dominated by cool colors and result in a serene and contemporary atmosphere is achieved.

Dining Rooms with Own Style


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