Functional Work Space and Rustic Air

A workspace at home does not have to conform to conventions, or follow a formal aesthetic as if it were a commercial environment, since it can have a corner in the home, is the perfect opportunity to decorate to taste and personality.

In this case, the bet secures a rustic style of this office, which adapted to a home, take advantage of every corner to make it a functional interior and without compromising aesthetics.

Materials, accessories and decorative accessories add warmth to set next to a color scheme dominated by earth tones . The decor of this office has attention to detail, and even the curtains dress the windows that provide a welcoming air.

The space is narrow and takes full advantage of the natural light that pours through the window, and finding a way to multiply because of the dominance of white surfaces such as walls, ceiling and floor.
While for the furniture you have chosen a desk consists of a glass envelope, which provides an elegant touch to the decor, to the base used 2 sawhorses dark wood, forming an interesting game with other pieces that make up the room , and this set is complete with a classic aesthetic chair.

Then a screen that becomes an accessory that looks steals appears. This is a design that shows off the rusticity of its lines, features suggestive transparencies to the decoration of this office, and is an element that naturally decorated with a wink this environment, dominated by wood as the star item.
1233 Functional Work Space and Rustic Air home design

Functional Work Space and Rustic Air


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