Magazine basket I made

Hi guys, today I leave you with this basket turned into a wonderful rustic magazine. If you like this style or have wayward shopping for home .. use it!

I love sharing great ideas with all of you, ideas that many can be easily recycled.
Well, you have to invest some more time than others .. but this is not necessary so long.

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I gave some ideas on the above items to recycle and decorate the baskets with them .. And now I leave you with this fantastic craft that you can do at home.
It is very interesting to save and have on hand all the magazines you want Item. You can also include a newspaper, a book of hand the last thing you’;re reading!
This way you will always have near the things that you use, you can replace the magazines for other items!
With a basket at home, you can do many things. If you want to keep by magazines and are not always by the table, the couch or the floor .. You can easily use one of these articles.
Choose a basket of a size and shape that you like, then you just have to clean it well. You can do it with a dry cloth.
If you see that is very dirty, soapy water and then added giving a pass with a cloth dampened in water only .. removing all soap.
Finally and before working with it, leaving the cart in the sun or in a place to dry well.
Now choose a painting that you like, a color that goes with the house and where you want to put.
To paint this basket, have used spray paint to leave no mark or paint brush.
Paint in a ventilated or outdoors, let dry and apply as many layers as you like.

1221 Magazine basket I made uncategorized

Magazine basket I made


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