Single Entry Furniture

A narrow zone of a few square meters or step can also decorate and print it winks that add attractive, plus some splashes of color to revitalize the environment. This idea for decorating with simple furniture , invites compose dominated by the simplicity of the hand functionality atmosphere.

In a small hall in which you can not incorporate many furniture to furnish can bet practical and decorative solutions. As in this case, the entrance to the house is spread over an area of narrow passage, so not to impede traffic is convenient to use only a few accessories and furnishings shallow.

A shelf on the wall incorporating hooks used to hang coats or bags, and store on its surface hats, sunglasses, and a decorative accessory. While 3 wooden crates are transformed into a multipurpose furniture , inside shoes can be saved and other items, while the lid functions as seat, perfect for changing into and out of the home. The pattern and colors that decorate the tops of the boxes were chosen to detail to harmonize with the color scheme that dominates the room.

1209 Single Entry Furniture  interior design

Single Entry Furniture


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