A bottle for your jewelry

To you who you love necklaces and sure you have many, you ever see them tangled and trying to return them to their form the original finish breaking. That will not happen more with this bottle to your jewelry . Harnessing a bottle of wine or other content that we will discard to make it a practical and easy jewelry making. At first glance, we know you’;ll love the one you see in this picture.


Need a bottle of thick glass high and also a piece of wood that should open on top a hole that is exactly the size of the mouth of the bottle so that it can enter 2 inches of the bottle. The piece of wood should not be heavy, such that the bottle support, we also need to place hooks on the edge of the wood.

After making the hole in the piece of wood, work in the same standing on the shore where the hooks hang our necklaces. This bottle jewelry will look beautiful if you choose a bottle of color. Also, you can paint the wooden piece of a contrasting color to the bottle and then give it a coat of varnish, but but the pints, the barnizas just to make it look brighter and more attractive.

Then place the hooks to hold necklaces. These should not be too wide for the necklaces can be hung and removed easily without we meet with one of them breaking. As seen in the image illustrating this post, necklaces are small and lightweight, so they stay in place.

A bottle for your jewelry


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