A mini-library at home

For those who want to have a library at home but do not have enough space, this idea comes in handy, because it is a small library for a house or apartment with small dimensions. Leveraging one of those little spaces left as missing near the stairs, doors or other parts of the home. Now, if you’;re going to have your school library without having to move house.


In this idea we suggest a space, near the stairs, which works great to keep the books in a couple of vertical shelves, used to a certain height to beat the space, place to place many books fail. The shelves are often purchased to order, so according to the dimensions that count, as you can use them to take your books by hand and in a space that also adds to the decor .

As can be seen in the image space with a certain size, the shelves have been added so that it is a small space where you walk when you search your books, as if it were a large library. One detail that makes this decoration with a small library, a special choice for your home, without having to have a lot of space.

The rest of the decor is completely integrated with this small library in a corner of the room. And the deep blue color that has been chosen for the wall, certainly emphasizes the elegance that we want to create for this type of decoration. So do not keep dreaming of a space in which to place your books, now you can do yours this idea and turn that wasted space into a great idea for decorating your home.

A mini-library at home


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