Buttons to decorate your napkins

When thinking about renewing the appearance of your napkins or when you’;ve done some and would give them a special touch, you can think of some colorful and special buttons to decorate your napkins . The buttons are usually many materials, sizes, designs and colors that become an advantage when decorating and this idea that we present today.


Just need color buttons you need to shape a napkin decoration . As is the case with some oranges in a couple of buttons come in yellow more than perfect, an orange button or link, as it is you want to convey can be lemons and other fruits for the stem if it gives you Embroidery can embroider well in a charming shade of green or can choose a combined green embroidery thread there many options.

For a bunch of grapes, you will need a few purple buttons in various sizes and image that is more illustrative of how these should be decorated with buttons napkins . Suffice for the banks all very colorful and attractive look and has no cost you from doing this decoration because even can make use buttons you already have at home, other crafts.

Moreover, such a great idea also serve to implement for example, about sleeves or cleaners. There are a variety of things you can embellish with these ways to make pretty pictures, and just use buttons, thread and needle. You’;ll find that you should not invest a lot of time because a few moments each day will be sufficient for you to

Buttons to decorate your napkins


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