Easy and Fun Idea Hanging pictures

With this easy and fun idea for hanging pictures you can provide an environment with a personal wink, besides exposing pictures, great memories, and splashes of color to the corner you want to decorate.

In holiday season is a time that taking pictures of landscapes, beautiful places, also for special occasions like birthdays, holidays and births, photos allow us to capture those memories on paper.

For these photographs remain not closed in a drawer, but the proposal is to show in an original way. Opt for a funny and renewed choice to distribute these parts of your story in your home.

These pictures pegged you like betting on both creativity and is an economical alternative that can adapt to every room of the home. Even this idea is perfect for small spaces because it is based on taking advantage of walls, decorate them with about as individual and unique items such as photos.
You can start using a framework , which can be from one that you already have at home, such as vintage pieces, or even a new one that you choose the most suitable in the arrangement that you intend to make dimensions.

With ribbons, yarns, wool, rope or wire must be the way to hang pictures, fixing it to the frame with nails, staples or anything else. That done, we can begin to distribute each part on the surface of the frame, and for this help us with some clothespins, which can be made of wood in natural color or colors may even get a mini tweezers, super cute and colorful .

You can also play with the compositions created from images using those with similar colors, such as black and white for a monochromatic arrangement, or betting on a particular topic, you choose how to decorate a room with charm .

1251 Easy and Fun Idea Hanging pictures furniture

Easy and Fun Idea Hanging pictures


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