How to Decorate the Baby’s Room

The arrival of a new addition to the family means putting up the house for the baby to have its own space, and the decor is a factor to look at when establishing a new environment.

When we begin to choose the decoration of the nursery , we must define the color scheme that dominates the scene, the furniture that are practical and comfortable addition to add-ons that give life to the room.

Through a process of exploring options define achieve a sense of style and subject matter that will have the baby bedroom house. Depending if it is a girl or a boy paddles choose different colors, although it is a common factor is chosen soft, pale and pastel colors.

For prints, textiles and some accessories can be chosen motifs from nature, such as butterflies, flowers, birds, animals, fish, etc.. You can combine patterns with smooth fabrics, and in any case it is desirable that dominate 2-tone for a room with a sober and harmonious aesthetic.

1256 How to Decorate the Babys Room home design

How to Decorate the Baby’s Room


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