Idea for Organizing Zone Entry

Since the entrance area is the first to welcome us when we arrived at a home is important to maintain the order of the environment, making it a practical space, plus attractive.

The decor allows us to combine pieces that combine good design, that fits the style of a room, besides having a practical and comfortable nature.

In this case it has been possible to decorate the hall with an idea that allows you to organize all furniture with a single space. It is an approach that can solve the lack of space, a fairly common problem in homes and contemporary apartments.

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It is a base unit that includes several shelves structure, forming a storage space in which to store different objects and preserve visual order and stay cleaning is possible.
Each of the shelves is very useful for storing shoes, bags and wallets, and for a touch of warmth to the set was completed furniture with baskets of plant tissue, which also serve to order, while removed from the sight of objects stored inside.

At the top of the cabinet joined a cushion for comfortable seating, plus an option to add color and texture to the decor of the lobby. Textiles also serve to personalize the room .

Idea for Organizing Zone Entry


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