Ideas for Creating a Closet

The dressing is a house in a space dedicated to the organization and storage of clothing and accessories, ideal for the care of personal image environment. Having a corner dedicated to this purpose is a privilege, which can be exploited to the maximum return on every inch mode.

We can make a careful study of the space so that the dressing get a organization according to the needs of every home, while taking advantage of every corner.

A trick to improve the use of storage space offering a dressing area dedicated to any contemporary home , is to divide the cabinet into different sections.

Among the divisions of space we can set a section for daily wear or more casual use, one for shoes, one for bags and purses, underwear, sleepwear, etc.., ie, depending on usage and customs of each family .
In addition to that at the time of designing the closet or cabinet to complete the dressing habits must consider each environment is important that this count with proper lighting .

The light points can be located inside station, in the room where it is located, or both complement and be appropriate to create a uniform distributed illumination reaching every corner.

Boxes and baskets are usually great allies for storing small accessories that will keep sorted and easily accessible in the dressing room. This interior can be supplemented with a mirror and a chair that will be very functional at the time of move every day.

1254 Ideas for Creating a Closet  home design

Ideas for Creating a Closet


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