New Uses for an Old Ladder

Creativity carried the decoration can result in really fun ideas that allow us to merge a share functionality plus a dose of personality, creating environments with its own stamp.

It is possible to decorate a home with new elements or even used parts recycled take on a new character come to life. Recycle , recover and reuse allows us to leverage objects, furniture and accessories that sometimes we have at home, so that they can improve and change the look of our home spaces while saving.

The proposal for today is to give new uses to old staircase . A staircase in any home can be useful when doing maintenance or even access high cabinets or other surfaces in h7

Using conventionally receives a ladder this time is modified by a different alternative is actually several uses that can be applied to the needs of each space and imagination.
If you have an old ladder as a carpenter that you no longer use and want to give a different application, or even if you found some abandoned in an attic, on trails, to name a few, it is a perfect opportunity to unleash creativity and renew with this piece as both an indoor outdoor spaces.

In the images we can see some of the options to consider to implement this decorative option. For example, it can serve as a magazine rack in a room or in a reading, you just have to support the ladder on a wall or other surface and hang it newspapers or magazines.

In a bedroom can become original bedside table , replace the classic figure of this furniture by an old staircase will take a cool and glamor to a room.

It includes a new element to organize the bathroom and used a ladder to hang towels , or in a dressing room, a bedroom or completing a toilet , using it to hang in each of the steps your jewelry, scarves and necklaces. Make the most of these ideas, recycle and decorate with personality to any corner of your home.

1241 New Uses for an Old Ladder interior design

1242 New Uses for an Old Ladder interior design

New Uses for an Old Ladder


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