Shabby Chic style in Kitchen

This style can be any room a contemporary home , ideal for printing a bohemian air and delicate atmosphere. This time we will see it applied to a kitchen, with options that include details and so beautiful and practical accessories.

With the Shabby Chic style home takes an impression of warmth, environments bathe personality. While in a kitchen is possible to recreate an atmosphere of this style with furniture and items that are used daily to work in this room.

It can be a kitchen large or small, one that integrates a dining room or an office in any case it is possible to seal the decor with this aesthetic. It is bright environments, where the main parts, accessories or other furniture, denoting the passage of time, vintage and recycled objects. A color scheme in which the clear, pale, pastels and enhance the brightness of stay also appears tones predominate.

To create corners with the charm that distinguishes the Shabby Chic can use, for example, old porcelain dishes, or bought parts inherit traces or thrift stores.
Some other thoughts to bring this style to a kitchen: furniture with classic lines pickled finishes, chandeliers, chandeliers and fixtures that incorporate delicate glass candlesticks and candles, light, and details that add personality to the kitchen. Even textiles add beauty with soft colors and floral prints are incorporated into curtains, tea towels, aprons and tablecloths.
1246 Shabby Chic style in Kitchen kitchen bath

217 Shabby Chic style in Kitchen kitchen bath

Shabby Chic style in Kitchen


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