Trick to fog a mirror without

Boys and girls, today I leave you with a wonderful and miraculous trick to clean the mirror.
Applies to any mirror and most importantly .. what use this trick? It’;s simple!
How often clean the bathroom mirror, because of the fog? Mirrors may be completely clean, but the hot water mist and other factors accumulate.

1264 Trick to fog a mirror without home design

This will gradually disappear, to become small and large drops in the mirror .. horror! Now if you have to clean it, so there are no grooves of these droplets.
If you want, today I let this trick for you .. you know that I love to share all that I find useful .. We also have the well cleaned mirrors, decor not look anything with dirty mirrors!
Besides appearing beads, fog prevents us look in the mirror. So we can not fix in it, you can not use or do not clean until moisture disappears.
But this trick will prevent fogging fogging glasses and mirrors, every time the shower was used.
Sure you’;ll be used to clean the mirrors with glass cleaner and tear. So instead of using this, let’;s do it with water and soap.
But a special trick is to add to this mixture, some normal hair shampoo.
Finally, dry well your mirrors and crystals. You can do it with a non-fluffy cloth or leave a trace. You’;ll see how this trick is worth it.
Now check that when you shower, the steam does not attack the mirrors. But also remember that over time the effect is passed, so we’;ll have to do another pass with this trick.
As you see it is a very simple tip and durable.

Trick to fog a mirror without


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