Ideas to Give Color to Your Garden

The outdoor spaces of any contemporary home can be transformed into welcoming environments in which to comfortably enjoy both day and night. I have some ideas to decorate your garden with colored , different effects and give it personality.

1268 Ideas to Give Color to Your Garden home design

– If it is a patio, porch or terrace is small, choose natural colors for walls that do not obscure the perimeter. Earth colors range from white or yellow, are options to give a sober and neutral space background.

– Start fresh touches of color give this outside area of the house with plants. Create compositions with plants and flowers in pots and planters, placed the biggest ones supported on the walls, and smaller along furniture or structures, such as columns or stairs, so they become colored notes that are distributed throughout atmosphere.

With them you’;ll earn freshness and joy. Also the pots and contenderos you choose can work very well as an element that adds texture and design to the ambience.
– We can give more visual appeal and richer texture to the furniture you already have and that are part of a garden. The way is very simple, comes with seat cushions and pillows on the backs, plus some blankets for when the air is cool.

Fabrics with their designs, allow us to add more warmth and color to the composition, while increasing the comfort of the outdoor furniture .

– A trick to hide a defect in a wall of the yard or garden, and even adding dynamism is to hang a panel you can also do at home.

A fabric with an interesting pattern with major employers and a striking color scheme, is attached to 2 thin wooden rods, which will support and hang the panel on the wall. Bet on the fun and color mixing in outdoor environments .

1268 Ideas to Give Color to Your Garden home design

Ideas to Give Color to Your Garden


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