Keys to Winning Space House

The reality of many contemporary homes and apartments is being developed in a few square meters, and sometimes stays not have enough storage space. That is why it is important to solve the decorating ideas clear on how to maximize every inch.

We tell you some keys to save space at home . These are options for optimizing the design of each room, and highlight areas that are sometimes forgotten, to transform them into new environments stylish and functional.

* If your home has a stairway, is a good measure to predict the destination space beneath it. To monetize the space under the stairs , a very simple proposal is to design a custom closet and wardrobe.

A wardrobe that fits the stairwell, can become a large warehouse to replace cabinets in the kitchen, also to save the white linens or toys for the children of the house.
For the effect of this new furniture as not to saturate the aesthetics of an interior, it is better to design in colors or finishes that intone the walls. A front doors, drawers or shelves are alternatives that will fit every corner, but to make it harmonious and considering that it is a small space, it will be desirable to incorporate uniform surfaces, avoiding contrasts pronounced.

* Another idea to add storage space to a room in the home, is to also take elements that are part of the structure of a home. In particular we discuss the houses with attic areas , where low ceilings create corners with decorative solutions that can transform and enhance.

One bedroom in a loft or a lounge with areas where the ceiling is lower, you can incorporate shelves or racks that easily conform to the structure of the plant, as well as low and very shallow cabinet, custom made could become new solutions and storage spaces, which in addition to resulting decorative practical.

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Keys to Winning Space House


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