A carpet of pompoms for your living room

This suggestion is perfect for those who enjoy knitting. Now they have had, how important are the details in fabric to decorate the living room and other areas of the home. Today we commit ourselves to a special detail, nothing less than a flirty carpet pompoms for your living room. you have already learned in another post, how to make pompoms wool in a 2 × 3, so take that idea to make pompoms this rug.
With this decoration really going to show off at home with something you made ​​for yourself that gives you maximum originality and clear with this colorful, will be beautifully with the rest of the colors of walls and ornaments. You just have to choose the colors, to your overall taste, it sure looks that you love this rug pompoms image illustrating this post colorful wholesale!

52 A carpet of pompoms for your living room home design

We must begin by making the carpet fabric, choosing a similar wool to which it has been used and has a look of old thread. In brown or the color that you like and that matches the rest of the colors you will choose. As can be seen in the same image to all the colors and shades of orange were chosen, for example, blue, green, and more colorful as purple.
The wonderful result, and bring forth your case, the day of the holidays or when you go to have visitors, because this mat woven with pompoms, deserves to be admired by all, and will be, because it is a completely handmade work and the colorful and originality they go hand in it. So you do not have to think more, choosing colors and looks aside some time to go about doing the most beautiful carpets.

A carpet of pompoms for your living room


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