Decorate the children’s bedroom with stickers

Hi to everyone! Today I leave you with this great idea to decorate the bedroom of our baby.
If you are pregnant or want to have a child, you’;re probably already planning how to decorate the room. You can wait to know the sex of the child, but there are also very neutral colors to help and reassure, such as green.

1281 Decorate the childrens bedroom with stickers home design

Anyway you have to think of all the furniture you need, you will be better if you want … that is convertible so you can turn them into something else, so save space and money.

You can also buy a crib that can be converted into beds. This way when the baby grows, you can have your own bed.
Another great idea is that you put the light and not very aggressive for small .. but that is intimate and not damage the eyes.
A chair, a rug for the floor, the home and a place for small toys. Try not to forget any furniture or accessory.
but besides all, you can also decorate the wall. For this there are many techniques, materials and style.
You may want to paint or add wallpaper. A great idea is to place stickers on the wall.
They come in many shapes, sizes and colors .. you can not choose just one. You must be clear about the subject you want … if you prefer some animals, flowers, signs, numbers and size.
Stickers of this type there are many shapes and sizes. You can add a covering almost the entire wall.
You can transform a wall into a jungle, adding animals and flowers .. trees and birds. Think about the theme that you like and paste them on the wall.
Will last a long time and best of all it is that if you get tired of them, you can remove them without problems.
Then you can add others that you like more, that are new or apply another style to decorate the wall.

Decorate the children’s bedroom with stickers


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