Doors to decorate a child’s bedroom

When you have twins at home, and you have to decorate a bedroom for 2 is when we can leverage ideas decor really great, imposing some detail as in this case, that are out of the ordinary and add the room a look of elegance and combined originality.

Besides good choice of purple as the color of the walls, this bedroom decor has a detail that will appeal to everyone, and the appeal of an old door imposed a special and slightly rustic feel. So they can take home some doors that can be recycled to a detail as used in this case as headboard.

1278 Doors to decorate a childs bedroom kids room

A door turned into headboards in the bedroom decor, have been added, the romance of a wall lamp, in classic style, this is a detail that speaks of a female environment like the one we have tried to create. Moreover, out of the nightstand and chandelier ceiling that adds to the decor coquettishly, few details and that is not at all unattractive.

The white linen curtains and combines well with purple, but in this case serves to give a touch of clarity requires this room , because only purple would become equally attractive but less bright. So combined with the solid white and purple print bedspreads and cushions is a choice that further enhances this decorative idea.

In addition, it is noteworthy detail of the doors turned into headboards, a touch of paint in purple, perhaps simulating some branches, which continues to be very original and added to the color and elegance of this bedroom decor for 2.

Doors to decorate a child’s bedroom


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