Recycle Lego toys your children

Now more than ever, fashion is recycling, which allows us to take advantage of those things we have at home, although not serve their original destination may be useful in another way. In this case , recycling Lego toys your children and turn them into a colorful lot further if you can make a template as a subject lego keychains.

1277 Recycle Lego toys your children interior design

To make these keychains recycled, have to resort to the vibrant colors that they usually have. As shown in the photo, they look great in blue, yellow and red, and others of 1000 colors with the lego. To bring them the little piece that holds the keys, you should drill some of their circles and through them, so you can put your keys and attach the whole family.
In addition to key chains, you can make a base to fix them and prevent as usual, all constantly losing their keys. It does not require much effort and even children will help, it’;s only fix Legos in matching pieces and ready to place it near the door, you will find that everyone loves at home.

Lego is the manufacturer of these toys which also are called Lego. It is a Danish factory who discovered the fun of playing with plastic blocks interconnectable. For a long time they have been the source of many hours of fun for children and eventually also became collectible.

There are many alternatives that Legos sure you have at home, these collections will be enough that the kids enjoyed it so much and one day left abandoned. And surely to them, they will love a keychain that reminds one of his favorite toys.

Recycle Lego toys your children


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