Renew chairs with colored stripes

The chairs may look different with only apply ourselves, to give a touch of special paint so they look restarted. No need to buy new chairs if we are still functional and only need to be renewed. A striped with paint colors as seen in the picture, make something new out of a chair we already bored by their appearance.

1275 Renew chairs with colored stripes home design

Vibrant colors such as yellow, red, orange and green, plus blue are colors that look good to paint some small scratches on the chairs. In the seat, place the stripes diagonally spaced and covers all the space and let the original wood of this chair admire. For this decoration is intended to renew wooden chairs .

For backup, use the vertically striped lets give a charming touch to them and place the stripes together to one side of the backrest. Just need a broad brush and some paint and a rule to paint stripes before putting paint to achieve a perfect image.

Ideally, after painting the chairs and leave them to dry thoroughly, apply paint on a coat of varnish. This causes the paint to become more durable and that does not lose its gloss. You can choose varnish spray is more convenient to use, and apply just enough without overdoing it.

Input this work chairs paint and apply the paint in a well ventilated room. We also have to let the paint dry thoroughly before use, because it tends to take longer than painting at this stage. So with as little as paint and varnish, and a little time, you will begin to renovate the dining room chairs.

Renew chairs with colored stripes


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