A rack for organizing and decorating

Sure you look with a variety of objects that you are useful, and do not know where to organize them in a place always at your fingertips. But today you’;re going to take advantage of an economic and attractive idea, allowing you to use a frame to organize and decorate . As you see in the image illustrating this post, you can do great things with an old frame, some thread, needle and a piece of cloth.

And if you live you opt for sewing either by hand or machine, the better. You just have to recycle the old frame abandoned after many homework. We must seize a colorful fabric, if you sew, sure you have more than one piece that you have left over from other projects. The same must make a hem, then cut to the size of the frame, leaving a little over edge, to hold in it.

Also to sew with another piece of cloth, a small pocket. You can make small sewing divisions or leave alone a spare to accommodate what you want. Then placed between the 2 parts of the frame and is ready to keep on him, combs and brushes? Are the scissors and thread? Are pens and pencils? Whatever you want! as you can see, this frame for organizing and decorating is totally perfect.

Sure after reading this far, you’;ve proven that will not cost much money and that in a free time from your daily work, you can get down to work and make this as easy but so attractive detail to organize what never seems to be in instead. So gather fabric, thread and others, and you can get to make your organizer, and think on that wall where it will look great.
1293 A rack for organizing and decorating interior design

A rack for organizing and decorating


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