A Valentine card with buttons

As special as Valentine’;s occasion will make you think about how amazing that person you love, with a unique and special touch. Something done for you as this lovely Valentine card with buttons made. A detail that you can do without much expense and without having to have much time for it, resulting in a lovely card that you are going to record that important person in your life, what you feel for her.

1295 A Valentine card with buttons interior design

To make this card for Valentine , need a bit of felt in various colors, orange, blue, pink, green and blue. Also keep, buttons felt the same colors. A piece of white cardboard to the Immediate card, scissors, thread, needle and also a little glue and a fine tip marker to write an affectionate phrase in the outside of the card.

You must cut the hearts of a size that is appropriate, ie 2 large and 4 small as seen in the picture. A button you must give a stitch in white to make them look as they look at the card Valentine and pasting into the hearts that have previously glued to cardboard. Smaller hearts without buttons and stick are also equally attractive.

It really is a great idea love who receive a card like this that shows not only your words, but also love the detail that you had to do something special for an equally special person. There is still time to make your card, so we gathered the necessary and can surprise someone with a card that will be added to your gift and we know you will love it and be fine.

A Valentine card with buttons


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