A very natural rack

Hello friends, in the space now I leave you with this shelf as natural air. These days I have been talking about how to use wood in the decor.
You can recycle branches that have in many ways in the past spoken of article I like to make wooden coasters .. from the branches that I have said.
But what do you think of this shelf? It’;s another way to recycle wood, in a very natural way .. since they are not sanded or trimmed .. serrated only to the extent you want.

The natural form of the branch has been fully engaged, among all the shelves we see. Wooden shelves are in perfect white color will add books, vases and other decorative accessories.
An amazing idea that will help you give your natural environment, along with a shelf most curious.
As you see it is not that difficult to do, just have some tables or shelves and a place to put them.
The wood or branches, saw the need as you see fit. Note that the height of these will be the separation between wood and wood.

1283 A very natural rack home design

Must provide you with rather thick branches, if the tables are heavy .. you must also distribute well to balance the w7
Try to make straight cuts, so that the shelves are seated well and not get lame. Then you can attach the wood.
This is very handy to use silicone, it is easy .. put a little on the surface of both pieces of wood and then joins lobbying.
You will see as perfect is stuck and then you can put another board on top, securing it with silicone also branches .. thus looks up and making the different plants.
Well folks, here I leave you with this curious shelf!

A very natural rack


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