Bedrooms in black and white

Not to you, but to me this color combination I love. If you’;re thinking of redecorating your bedroom or change, and here this fantastic idea. Add furniture, accessories or accessories in these colors.
The walls can paint in white color and using black for the floor covering or perhaps furniture.
One idea is to paint all the walls white or black, but you can paint some other color and other, playing with the contours and shapes.

1309 Bedrooms in black and white home design

Think, when decorating furniture, each of them can be painted black or white, you can also choose a pretty design patterns or a combination of these colors ..
There are many things in the market, in order to make the decoration that we like. These colors are beautiful things to choose from.
The fittings and accessories are vital for decoration. Textiles bedding, lighting, rugs and walls.
The candlestick holders or in black or white .. They are great for a bedroom in these colors. Also choose a carpet to finish .. well now that we are in winter our feet will thank you.
There are plenty of rugs to choose from, sharing these colors or just one of them. I hope your bedroom with these ideas is that you want.

Bedrooms in black and white


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