Caring for your bath towels

Many precious games we have, decorating the whole bathroom .. but it is also true that we have to keep these towels because the passage of time and certain factors make them lose color or moisture attack them.

1310 Caring for your bath towels home design

Before knowing how to care for towels, we have clear concepts when buying. For example, the softer and natural towels are those that are 100% cotton. Furthermore, if we choose to buy natural fabrics and avoid possible allergies outlast us
To keep the towels in the best possible condition, we change them once a week. This will prevent further deterioration and collect dirt and moisture.
Continuing with moisture, as if we eliminate this unpleasant smell in our towels and not spoiled, try them out after a shower.
But if it’;s late and smell musty, we can use a jet of ammonia diluted with detergent.
If you use a fabric softener, try opting for a small cup of vinegar in the box. Also, do not use fabric softener to be more absorbent. Vinegar is also useful us to remove lint from new towels.
Finally, the planning of swimwear, try to store towels in packs.
2 large towels, 2 medium towels and one for the sink is a good example for a house where 2 people live, but is always ahead the needs of each.
I hope these little tips will help you take care bath towels .. It is a perfect way to do it.
Here you have a good photograph of mulliditas and soft, perfect towels for a relaxing swim.

Caring for your bath towels


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