Centerpiece of leaves and spheres

In a few days we will celebrate Christmas and still are prepared with the Christmas decorations , great suggestions that will benefit them for the holidays bring. The decor of the living room and the dining table are very important to create Christmas atmosphere full of charm and color. Today will take advantage of the holiday areas and artificial leaves that we can buy at craft stores for a detail on a tray for home.

1302  interior design

It is a centerpiece with leaves and areas for which as we have said use a tray, by the use of this detail becomes perfect to place well in the center of the Christmas table where we will serve our delicious dishes. But for a table in the hallway or in another corner of the house where you want esmerarte decoration. Do not worry you’;ll find the perfect place.

To make the Christmas table center we propose, we place on serving tray, bunches of leaves Easter we bought for it. It is important to hold the same, so as to serve us azafate return after the holidays, it is best to use a glue that is not very strong and then prevent us back our azafate for real use. But if you put it in a place where there will be more movement, you can make the centerpiece without using glue. While the sheets placed in a bed mode where we will place the spheres.

The areas we will put up leaves like fruits or flowers, making an image like the one illustrating this post. You can use any kind of areas and you can always customize this christmas center table to make it look perfect, but within your style and your taste. Does it look attractive? yes we know, speed is Christmas soon.

Centerpiece of leaves and spheres


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