Contemporary Kitchens with Own Style

This is a collection with style kitchens , each with a wink that makes particular elements that make up the decor, from simple details to a particular coating. In short, inspiring ideas to build or renovate a space at home.

The first room has color scheme as the absolute white . Walls, floor, ceiling and even furniture lacquered white dress, and the result is a bright space that conveys a sense of serenity and cleanliness.
He gambled with some lighting fixtures that can be addressed with chrome finish to match fixtures and faucets.

2 details complete this kitchen personality: a mirror reflects the light that filters through a window and crown area of the counter. While in a corner a blackboard invited to leave notes and reminders, providing a practical and fun accessory.
A kitchen in a loft , with a sunset scene super attractive. The ceiling with exposed beams, brick walls, steel finishes, and natural wood, with textiles that add warmth, creating a set that defines the character of the interior.
A large rug defines the dining area and a row of ceiling lights, complete with a simple spot lighting design for the kitchen.

Author furniture and white flashes of red, a proposal for a room with lots of natural light, wherein the cooking and eating areas are integrated. The harmony of the environment is ensured by the presence of white with details of color and furniture with simple lines.
No missing textures, with natural or painted wood and exposed brick create a charming mix.

Great combination, first a wall covered with tiles of different colors and designs, cheerful color is like a game, next to glass with its lightness and transparency lighten the visual weight of a colorful surface.
In a contemporary kitchen idea is to create storage areas that stand to achieve there are thousands of options. Dress a wall painted with large motifs, paint it in a bright color, or choose an original tiled, add glass shelves to display your dishes, linens or china and so can solve this new space saving paper.

1292 Contemporary Kitchens with Own Style interior design

236 Contemporary Kitchens with Own Style interior design

Contemporary Kitchens with Own Style


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