Decorate with purple bohemian

When you want to renew the look of a home environment, we must take if we want to make a small change or a big change. Going from one color to another, some drastic changes become risky adventures in decorating but well chosen are surprising results that fascinate us. Today we will give you an idea of using purple as the color for decoration is interpreted slightly bohemian, purple is a beautiful color.
There are many ways to use purple, combining with other colors that blend well with it. In this sense we must be very careful, the contrasts are far from help as powerful color itself and we can meet with a mixture that is too “dark” “Gothic” but that result great as decoration if that’;s the trend we seek. But it is what we could get more, the combination of purple in various shades.

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In this lovely setting we see a result that can inspire us, if we are thinking of going pastel or classic neutral tones up colorful home decoration, or take the purple as the color of the decoration of our household . Purple has a variety of shades ranging from very pale to the darkest, that pass through that soft tone that is mixed with blue and “grape” that flirts with the black makes it so.
In addition to solid colors can be mixed adorable prints with embroidery and paintings can be given as in this case, a new aspect, a vibrant, stylish and original alternative to decorate with purple home . The result is perfect for anyone who is not afraid of the drastic changes in the decor and colors away from “classic” but purple has always been a popular color only until recent years was positioned as an essential decorative alternative.

Decorate with purple bohemian


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