Garnish with watermark

Hello friends, in the space now I leave as ideas decorate with filigree. It is a fantastic option and especially economic.
Remember it is easy to choose this method to decorate many items we have at home. You can make your own figurines ..
as such, there are many things you can do as trees, flowers, animals .. you just have to add a little imagination.

1305 Garnish with watermark interior design

Anyway I leave you some idea so you can see how it is. With strips of different colors, you can give that touch you need.
If you want a picture to the living room to put in the bedroom or even to give to a family member, it’;s perfect filigree.
Select a pin and go rolling up the paper, so that they will see gradually shaping. You can squeeze more or less, so you will make different figures.
You can also take scissors and help to shape the paper. Choose colors that you like and check out the pictures that I leave.
You can use the watermark to decorate, for example, displays of lights, also cards, make your own Christmas cards or decorate tables and even notebooks.
The watermark is also widely used to decorate the bedrooms of the smaller house. You can put the figures is material, furniture, walls, in the comfortable .. or perform some pretty pictures for them.
Birds, flowers, characters and landscapes … everything you want and more with the watermark to decorate what you need.
You see it’;s easier than it looks, with filigree decoration. Depending on what you’;re gonna do, need glue, thread or something similar to attach the watermark.
As you can see is pretty good and you can decorate many things with it. I hope you like it and the idea is practical.

Garnish with watermark


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