Geometric decoration in the doors

Geometric decoration of doors, at the prospect of a new year, we want to renew home environments without spending much. One of the best resources we can exploit is painting. With it we can renew walls, ceilings and interior and exterior spaces of the home. We can give a special look to the door especially if we take this suggestion as colorful.

1300  interior design

In this case choosing bright and contrasting colors we can paint the doors with geometric shapes that look very attractive. Yellow and blue blend beautifully with white is the background color, in this case, wall, ceiling and background of geometric shapes. Although there are pastel shades of the same colors as gray used, which enhances the beauty of the painted triangles on the doors.

Do not spend a lot on a renovation of painting the doors , because it is usually affordable. Furthermore, we can achieve by mixing various shades ourselves at home, the colors. A little time to take in our daily routines allow us to give you a look that will delight all at the gates and walls adjacent thereto.

No artistic talent required to paint geometric patterns on the doors and walls , they tend to be easily done, just give you a preliminary drawing directly on the wall and the door with a ruler and pencil. A little patience and decoration will perfectly, without having to hire anyone to make you a small and simple geometric shapes.

It is a lovely detail, we can use all the doors of the house, changing the colors together or simply using them. You can do it your full creativity that no doubt will have a perfect result for decoration.

Geometric decoration in the doors


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