Hall of Scandinavian style

May be translated, this decoration, all spaces and other room in your home. Unless you like to give each space a different style, you can expand this decoration to the rest of your home.
Particularly, I love it! A lovely whose predominant color and absolute protagonist, living is white.

1319 Hall of Scandinavian style home design

The house brand! The white color is basic, to create this style in your home. This time I leave you an idea of ​​how to decorate the living room.
It’;s easy, if you want you can do it at home .. No need to throw your furniture, but if you can transform.
If of wood you can leave it alone or paint it white. The coffee table and cabinet, photography, going on a nice white color.
The sofa and chairs all you have, you can add a washable cover practice in this color .. You’;ll see that transformation.
The floor can be wood or other material, in color white. If the wood is dark, you can also use it to this style.
Ons must be in white, glass or wood will or natural fiber. In the example I leave, we see the white lamps and candles alguns also in this color.
A basket adds a special touch, also can store blankets and pillows. A great idea to create this style in your home is to add blankets and pillows .. They also stick a lot in the cold months.
If you want to add a little contrast do with gray or black. I can also do it with wood and rustic.

Hall of Scandinavian style


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