Ideas for small bathrooms

The contemporary houses have quite largely confined spaces, even mini homes, especially in urban areas. This trend leads us to include decorating resources that allow a thorough and careful use of every corner.

In this sense, ideas for small bathrooms allow us to expand the possibilities for maximizing the square footage in this home environment. This is the home space especially dedicated to personal care and grooming of the whole family, so it is important to be as comfortable as attractive.

A solution to get every square meter in a toilet is sanitary choose, accessories and furniture for storing different items we use in this interior, with lightweight designs and very shallow, and even better if it comes to multifunction pieces.

To eliminate the effect of cramming overwhelmed or having a narrow bathroom mirrors can be included for generating a feeling of spaciousness and depth. If the mirrors are placed against light inputs also multiply the luminosity is achieved, which is convenient, because if we consider that it is a little better than what especio is clear and pleasant.
Use light colors will also provide the convenient effect of spaciousness and clarity to the environment. It is important to select finishes that follow a visual line cleaning, avoid overloading the atmosphere with a lot of textures and materials, the light colors on walls on the ground and other surfaces that make up the room will create a much more sober and attractive optical illusion that a combination of dark shades and light absorbing.

Another trick to this little room invites us to take advantage of the walls and vertical space. Installing shelves or racks succeed in creating areas of practice and kept as not to impede the flow in a narrow space.

Also allows you to decorate a shelf with objects which in turn are often used in the bathroom, and glass vases with soaps, colorful towels, and even a simple vase with fresh flowers or a plant is able to renew with a lovely touch.

1291 Ideas for small bathrooms interior design

235 Ideas for small bathrooms interior design

44 Ideas for small bathrooms interior design

Ideas for small bathrooms


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