Lamp recycled spoons

Wiping able, can do many things with them. The other day we saw how to decorate a mirror with spoons.
It’;s easy, you just have to choose the color that you like and some silicone. Now … you have to make a structure or base for gluing teaspoons.

1316 Lamp recycled spoons home design

For that, this time, we have chosen as a transparent container. It is a piece of cut bottle .. in this way we can also recycle all those we have at home.
Now we must prepare spoons, before gluing. To do this, grab a pair of scissors or pliers to cut.
View all handles cutting spoons, have patience. Do it one by one and see as many as you’;ll need.
Once you have some cut teaspoons, stay with the round side and decorate with her looks.
Add a little silicone to the base you’;ve searched, then tap the spoon for a moment.
Like drops or flower petals, let them decorate or lining the entire structure.
Covers well and press gently until all the spoons are well set. Finally we must add the bulb.
The container has a hole in its base, has 2 really good .. the other is the bulb.
Thus the structure introduces a bulb which is located in low power consumption. Also seeks that will not come too hot. We do not want any accidents.
You see a great lamp is. When you turn give you a very special and intimate lighting.
You can play with the colors of the spoons and create great projects. I hope you liked the idea as much as me.

Lamp recycled spoons


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